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Camping in Dhanaulti

Experience nature alongwith The charm of this Himalayan mountains at their very best. This is a great opportunity for you to get into the world of tranquility and experience — not to be missed. Camp Little Jaguar provides information of Dhanaulti Camps | Adventure Camps in Dhanaulti | Dhanaulti | Camping in Dhanaulti | Camp Packages near Dhanaulti.

Tourists often flock to Camping trips when they feel bored and tired of the hectic day-to-day routine city lifestyle or when they are feeling geared up for some adventure. Be it biking, rock-climbing or some other outdoor adventure, camping is a great way to let your favorite hobby turn into enthusiasm for a few days of fun, excitement and enjoyment with no workload to disturb you. The surprising aspect is that camping actually will be able to help you lead a healthy life! Here is how:

-Getting your dose of fresh Oxygen

Spending more time at the Proximity of greenery means the larger chance for you to inhale pure oxygen. So you may feel lesser strain in your physique. According to study, spending time outside can result in improving of blood pressure, better digestion and boosting of the immune system.

-Greater Socialising

Could nevertheless have a great time together with friends or family and these unique get together sessions can help in keeping healthy and happy relationships. According to study reports published under the American Journal of Public Health, socializing is said to expand your span of life while also delaying problems associated with memory. Thus don’t forget to invite some of your besties in regards to your next vacation trip to Dhanaulti.

-Obtaining the “Feel-good” factor

Feel on top of The world following a fantastic camping in Dhanaulti. When you spend time outside in the sun, the cortisol levels in mind get balanced. It is a chemical that is responsible for inducing depression and tired feelings. Thus camping aids counteract this and will provide you the’feel-good’ factor both during and after the excursion.

-Decreased levels Of anxiety

Camping is a Fantastic stress buster. Besides, the higher levels of oxygen whilst camping, also reduce levels of anxiety. So whenever you are looking for some anxiety buster, camping is a good option.

-Enriched physical exercising

One of the very Evident positive outcomes of camping is getting the chance to perform more physical activities. You actually get to burn more calories while camping when compared with sitting in the workplace or your house during weekends!

-Getting plenty Of sunshine

The sunlight is a Fantastic source of vitamin D which enables the body take in the necessary calcium and phosphorus.

Greatest camping package in Dhanaulti

As you awake in the middle of a beautiful camps in Dhanaulti place amidst the hills and greenery all around. Camp Little Jaguar- your Gateway into a exceptional holiday experience like never before!

A lavish adventure camp at the Thangdhar village of Kanatal, this exotic place stands 8500 feet above sea level on the hills of Mussoorie, near to Dhanaulti. Explore the dense oak forests in its proximity throughout your stay at the camp that houses 15 comfy luxury tents.

Why select us

-We are a”home away from home.”

In Camp Little Jaguar, your Feel at home during your stay at our camp with amenities like your home. We provide attached washrooms with each camp and access to running cold and hot water. In addition, we have continuous electricity supply for 24 hours with sufficient arrangements for electricity back-up also.

Our friendly and welcoming staff

Our trained and accountable Staff are always willing to direct you with your requirements once you step in to your own premises. These excited members of Camp Little Jaguar are there to determine that there isn’t any problem which you are facing throughout your stay.

-Nearness to the city of Delhi, Dehradun and Mussoorie

Circle, to Delhi, Dehradun,and Mussoorie make an perfect escapade for people searching for a break from the routine city life in a budget which will not burn a hole in their pocket.

-Playground for children

Besides the beauty of this Location, we ensure that both you and your kids are not bored during the camping program. This is a great appeal of our camp that the kids will surely look ahead.

-Food: our USP

Our quality meals prepared by trained chefs completes The camping package. Experience the flavor of hygienic vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian buffet meals served in the camp with the choice to change the menus according to selection of our guests.

Best activities to enjoy Dhanaulti

Enjoy and engage yourself in a whole lot of Fun, excitement and experience with the very best popular pursuits that include:

  • Trekking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Rapelling
  • Golf
  • Snow Camping
  • Temple visits
  • Bonfire
  • Moonlight paths
  • So much more on the listing!

At Camp Little Jaguar, we shall Keep you entertained throughout with energizing activities for you while you Forget all your worries and have a Pleasant time here with your loved ones or friends. So wait no more, and only pack Up your luggage to head towards the hills which beckon you to come and become a part Of one of the very best and promising peaks of Dhanaulti- Camp Little Jaguar.

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